Free Email List Cleaning

This is a free email list cleaning service which checks your email list for following

1. Duplicates

2. Invalid email syntaxes

3. Disposable Email Addresses

4. Role Email Addresses

5. MX Record Checks / Invalid domains

6. Spam Traps Email Addresses.

This free email service does not connect to recipient email servers to check validity of email addresses. If you need deep cleaning by connecting to recipient email servers and checking with them if a particular email exist or not please purchase list cleaning plans.

7. Deep Cleaning 1: checking the existence of the email addresses. We remove invalid email addresses from “Accept All” ESPs as well

8. Deep Cleaning 2: highlighting the email addresses whose mailbox is full / over quota

We provide flat rate of .00125 $ per email for deep cleaning. Example if you have a list of 100k email addresses you would pay 125$ ( 100000 * .00125). The delivery time is 4-6 days for a list size of up to 500k emails. Yes quality delivery does take some time but you would be amazed at the results.

Please contact us with your requirements using the contact form above.

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